Sunday, 27 March 2011

Episode 54 Released!

Where Glenn and Phil discuss your top ten TV ads of the 1980s, report on the bumper crop of news this week (well, there's not much, but a LOT of franchises are covered), and answer your questions!

Apologies for the sound quality of the first two minutes or so, this problem did clear up, honest!

Listen to episode 54 HERE!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Episode 53

Where Glenn and Phil kick off season 2 of the podcast with your top 10 TV theme tunes, look desperately for some news to report on (SPOILER - we don't find much) and answer your questions to us.

As a bonus, we also have a special message from a certain skull-face villain - think quick!

Listen to episode 53 HERE!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Episode 52 Released!

It's the one year show! Glenn and Phil celebrate this by discussing the Back to the Eighties moments you put in your top 5 collections. They also report on all the news that's worth reporting about in the world of toys, and answer your questions!

A big, big thank you to everyone who has supported and listened to the show so far, you're all awesome and gorgeous. Here's to year two of the podcast that travels back in time in a rose-tinted DeLorean!

Listen to episode 52 HERE!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Back to the Eighties - Episode 51 released!

Where Glenn and Phil talk about your top 5 music videos of the 1980s, report on all of the news in our favourite 80s franchises, and answer your questions.

Anyone who wants to contribute to next week's show with a voice message - let me know on the Nerdsphere!

Listen to episode 51 HERE!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Some sad news.

It's with great sadness that I have to report that Jeremy, one of the founders of the Back to the Eighties podcast, has decided that due to personal reasons he won't be continuing on as one of the hosts, at least for the time being.

This podcast was essentially Jeremy's baby and his idea, and with a very well placed Youtube video (which is below, for anyone who wants to watch it) he pulled me on board with it. It took a while to get the technical aspects of the show right at first (and three attempts to record it), but eventually, the podcast blossomed and became a joy to record and produce.

If not for Jeremy's great idea, I wouldn't have had the chance to do this great podcast, and wouldn't have gotten the chance to speak to some of my childhood heroes. I'm immensely thankful to Jeremy for that, and love the fact that I got to take that journey with him. He's one of my best friends, and a great podcasting partner.

Hopefully one day he'll be able to return, but until then, thanks buddy. For both your friendship, and the memories.

I'll not leave on a down note, though. Myself and Phil will continue to keep the Eighties alive every week, and keep you all entertained. That's just what we do best!

Now, as promised, the video that started it all...

Movie Commentary: Superman II (1981) - The Lester Cut

Where Glenn and Dave sit down to watch the second Superman movie, and give their thoughts on the original theatrical cut of the movie, (mainly) directed by Richard Lester.

Stay tuned for the Richard Donner version of the movie, later on in this series!

Also, coming soon: Superman III - The Richard Pryor Movie!

Listen to the commentary HERE!

Episode 50 now LIVE!

Where Glenn, Jeremy and Phil reveal your worst 5 video games of the 80s (Spectrum fans, you may not want to listen to this bit), report on all of the news from our favourite 80s franchises, and answer a question or two.

Also, gratuitous cross-podcast product placement!

Listen to episode 50 HERE!